BOTA in Dunedin

Paul Austen

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The B.O.T.A. Dunedin Temple has been in existence for over 35 years and offers a supportive, safe environment for aspirants to experience group meetings. 

Under the venerable guidance of Dr Paul Case and Reverend Ann Davies, we participate together in the honoured rituals and esteemed healing work of our Qabalistic Traditions.

This includes the healing of ourselves and all others, whilst having the added benefits of fraternal companionship and spiritual discussion.

Not many take the road less travelled. It is wonderful to spend time with fellow travelers on that road and to share in the benefits of group work.

Frater K.

Our meetings afford the opportunity for aspirants to enter into ceremonial rituals where progression can be gained to the interior levels of the Qabalistic Traditions.

When I was a teenager I searched, looking for that ‘special something’ that would link me to the right teaching. Then I walked into the B.O.T.A. Temple and knew I’d ‘come home’. Thirty-eight years later I am still astounded and deeply moved by the intense purity and profound truths that the teachings offer.

Soror J.

Meetings are held every Sunday at 10:30am at Roseneath.
Visitors and members are very welcome.

May the Blessings of Adonai be with You.