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Radio Station

We are very pleased to be able to make available a large number of recordings from Rev. Anne Davies. These recordings are played continuously so that everyone around the world can listen to them no matter what timezone you live in.

The are two categories;

  • Sunday Services series – These played on Sunday and Monday New Zealand time. New Zealand is usually one day ahead of the rest of the world which means our Monday is Sunday for much of the world.
  • Thursday night lectures – These are played every day except when the Sunday Services recording are playing

You can listen to the current progamme using the applet below.

Your can also use the following link to go directly to the radio station page



Recommended Books

  • (to come)


Documents to download

  • Emerald Tablet – (to come)
  • The Pattern – (to come)
  • Hebrew Font – (to come)
  • Gematria calculation – (to come) 


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